US Poley Saddle

US Poley Saddle

Regular price $2,395.00

The US Poley is built with American leather, on an aluminum/wood tree, and a web-suspended seat. This is one of our most successful designs. The underside is 1.25" genuine Merino sheepskin, the poleys are 4.5”, and the dip in the seat is 5”. Comes in solid black or brown with black seat and knee pads. Cost, $2,395.

This saddle comes with western style fenders, leather off-side strap, on-side tackaberry buckle with nylon strap, stirrups, and a neoprene cinch.

Weight: without fittings approximately 26 lbs
(larger seat sizes will weigh slightly more)
Seat Depth: 5", Kneepads: 4.5"
Panel Type: 1.25" genuine Merino Sheepskin


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