New Name But The Same Faces.

Though we are The Australian Saddle Company, we are still Colin, John and Kathy. The faces you are used to seeing at the shows and talking to on the phone. Colin has somewhat retired, but he cant seem to sit still. He will even be at a couple shows this year. Look for our booths or check the Upcoming Shows Page on this website, It will give you the booth numbers and dates of where you can find us. Be sure to check as some of our booths have moved!

Australian Saddle Company Has Teamed Up With Colin Dangaard!

Australian Saddle Company is your home for all Australian products. We are honored to have the help of expert saddle maker and fitter, Colin Dangaard. Colin has been in the Saddle business for over 35 years and he is now on board with Australian Saddle Company as our technical advisor. We look forward to continuing with Colins' expectations of High Quality standards and great custom designs in all of our equipment.