Survivor Poley

Regular price $1,695.00

The Survivor Poley has 4 3/4" knee pads, a 5" dip in a web-suspended seat, and is built on an adjustable aluminum tree. The saddles come in a two-tone brown or solid black. The stirrup leathers are the Traditional Campdraft leathers, as shown. Opting for a saddle with a horn will add $100 to the price of the saddle.

This saddle comes with 2.5" color matched Campdraft leathers, leather off-side strap, on-side tackaberry buckle with nylon strap, stirrups, and a neoprene girth.

Weight: without fittings approximately 25 lbs
(larger seat sizes will weigh slightly more)
Seat Depth: 5", Kneepads: 4.75"
Panel Type: synthetic fleece, Deluxe model has a merino sheepskin upgrade

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