Wither Bags

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Wither bags are an incredible idea for the HORSE. They place the weight over the front legs, THE CENTER OF GRAVITY. Our wither bags are inspired by the ammunition bags used by the Australian Light Horse, a legendary cavalry that made history by mounting the most successful charge EVER in recorded military documents : Beersheba, Sinai, 1917. Six hundred men caused the capture of 75,000 enemy.  The manual said the bags, filled with ordinance, should not weigh more than 68 lbs!! Anyhow, enough of history.  

The Small/ English wither bag is inspired by the pouches carried by English gentlemen, 400 years ago. On one side was the powder and balls, ram rods and wadding, along with some personal items. On the other, was a flint-lock pistol. Today, it remains a very handy place to carry such personal items as cell phone, sandwiches, drinks. And the good thing about this set of bags is when you want something, while you are sitting on your horse, IT IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. 

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