Saddle- Al Ragusin Signature Saddle

Saddle- Al Ragusin Signature Saddle

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Australian Saddle Company Al Ragusin Signature Saddle
Designed and Ridden by Al Ragusin!

The Al Ragusin Saddle was designed by and developed especially for Al Ragusin, world famous trainer and dancing horse performer. Al told us exactly what he wants in a saddle - safety, a deep seat, close contact for extra control, and all-day comfort.This is the saddle and it is the one that he now rides for all purposes; training, performing, and pleasure alike.
Like most working saddles in Australia, the Al Ragusin Saddle has tough, close contact wool felt panels. It also has the deepest seat of any Australian Saddle Company saddle. The deep, comfortable seat makes this an ideal saddle for long trail rides. Nickle fittings, rich black leather, black stitching, and swing fenders, give this saddle a classic Western look.

The Al Ragusin Saddle works well on lower withered and broad backed horses. We will check the fit before we ship your saddle out if you send us a wither tracing of your horse. For an additional fee we can custom bend and lift if needed to make sure it fits your horse perfectly.

Because of the close contact panels, we recommend using an ASC Equalizer pad, sheepskin pad, or high quality western pad with this saddle. Buy the Al Ragusin saddle and get a top quality ASC Equalizer pad for just $100 - normally $169.00 Read all about the many benefits of ASC saddle pads.

Weight: Approx. 20 lbs. without fittings
(larger seat sizes will weigh slightly more)
Depth of Seat: 5" Kneepads: 5"
Leather: Smooth, drum dyed English Tanned  Color: Black
Panel Type: Wool Felt

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